The Express Pedicure Callus Remover to smooth and even out your heels, Exfoliating Salt Scrub and Lotion Massage.
*Manicure includes Salt Scrub instead of Callus Remover*
(Hands 25 / Feet 33)


The Classic Pedicure plus our Paraffin Treatment using Hot Wax Heat Therapy to release tension and re-moisturize your heels after removing calluses by Sugar Scrub Exfoliation and Lotion Massage
( Hands 30 / Feet 43)


The Remedy Pedicure plus an Organic Sugar Scrub Massage to Exfoliate dry skin, an Extended Massage with our Organic Body Butter followed by Hydrating Mask to lock in Moisture.
( Hands 35 / Feet 48)


The Bloom Pedicure plus Organic Sugar Scrubs, Body Butter, and Hydrating Mask with a Longer Massage plus a Paraffin Treatment using Hot Wax Heat Therapy to Release Tension and to Moisturize heels after Callus Removal
(Hand 40 / Feet 58)


The Lavish Pedicure plus a Detoxing Foot Bath Bomb and using a Certified Organic Sugar Scrub, Body Butter, Hydrating Mask with longer massage and Paraffin Treatment plus a 10 minute extender Hot Oil Stone Massage to relieve aches and pain and to sooth sore muscles.
(Hand 45 / Feet 68)

Juvenescence Collagen Infusion

Start with a Specialty Cocktail or Fresh Brewed Fruit Tea from our Drinks Menu Page reserved only for the Juvenescence Pedicure and Enjoy a plate of Compliment Hors d’oeuvres.
A Herbal Neck Wrap is applied while you Savor your Refreshment, to Relax Muscles and Relieve built up Tension and pains.
Our Juvenescence Pedicure includes everything from our Opulence Pedicure but using Specially Formulated Cerified Organic Collagen Infused Products to Promote Healing and Reduce Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles while Giving your Skin that Forever Young Youthful Appearance.
After our Collagen Infused Sugar Scrub and Collagen Body Butter is a 10 minute Hot Oil Stone Massage followed by a Collagen infused Cream Mask then our Paraffin Wax Treatment ending with Hot Towel Wrap
(Hands 50/ Feet 78).

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